The prototype that we built in the project, lifted with a loader to show the right perspective.
 This is what the slag hauler looks like today with the old cabin. 
 Our design of the new interior in the front view. Slag haulers are special because they are operated in two directions, the driver sits forward when driving and backwards when operating the slag pot.
 This is what the front looks like in the old cabin.  
 Back view of our design. This is the working direction when operating the slag pot. 
 Rear view of the old cabin.
presentation NMV.JPG
 We visited several steel plants to observe the drivers while working.  This photo is from a visit to a smelter in northern Finland were we got to ride along with the drivers while handling the slag. 
 Interviews with stakeholders gave input and revealed issues with the existing design. 
 The voice of a slag hauler driver.   Involvement of stakeholders was crucial throughout the design process to achive a relevant result.
 Service mechanics at the steel plants have a lot of experience of maintaining the slag haulers. 
 Manager of slag hauler drivers. We heard stories of slag haulers that were not used because the drivers disliked them. 
 Designers at KUVAB appreciated our contribution of approaching the design task from a different angle.
 Ideas started as sketches..
 and was later discussed with production workers for optimization.
 The prototype in an early stage
 Many hours were spent in the workshop building the prototype.   
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