Design of driver environment

for slag hauler SH60


The project aim was to design a new driver environment for a slag hauler, a big industrial machine for smelters. The slag hauler is produced Kiruna Utility Vehicles, a company based in Kiruna.  We designed and built a full scale realistic prototype of the new cabin.

4.5 Exterior prototype.JPG
Photo of the prototype

Photo of the prototype

Driver environment in the existing driver cabin

Driver environment in the existing driver cabin


The design process had strong user focus and we developed our own design process and methods with core in human centred design. Our mission was to enhance the ergonomics, safety and user experience with all stakeholders in mind.



Qualitative interviews with several stakeholders



We followed the operators during their work to gain better understanding of their situation and needs.



A creative workshop with design students was held to get input from people outside of the project.



Sketching several concepts during the ideation phase was mixed with building of mockups to test ideas in full scale. The mockups were effective for quick evaluation of ideas potential.

The best part about this project was the strong connection to the production and the short paths from an idea to draft to a physical component.